Cloud Video Storage: Why You Need It

There are so many options when it comes to storage of your surveillance footage including traditional DVRs, NVRs, built-in SD cards, etc. However, what happens when one of these devices is removed or destroyed? What if there is no back up in place? There is a solution and it is cheap, convenient, and easy to use. Cloud storage is becoming a popular choice. Not only is it safe and secure, but it is also much easier to manage, especially across larger enterprises.

Back when I was the IT Director for a restaurant group in Atlanta, GA, we had the finest cameras and the latest and greatest NVRs in each of our restaurants. On many occasions I reviewe footage to help solve little mysteries here and there. Then I got the call that one of the sites was robbed at gunpoint. The police wanted to view the footage, but when I went to assess the damage, I found that the perpetrator not only took all of the money in the safe, but, you guessed it, he took the NVR as well! There was nothing left but a few Cat5 cables dangling off the shelf where the NVR once proudly stood watch over the office.

I replaced the NVR and literally locked it down thinking they wouldn’t be able to remove it this time. Well I was wrong. The same store was robbed a second time and they demanded that the manager unlock the NVR, and, since it was once again at gunpoint, the manager, of course, complied.

This began my quest to find a better solution. I started researching as much as possible and found that there were people using ftp sites to load their own footage in the cloud, but it was not always reliable. I found some others that were using other methods to stream footage into the cloud, but the technology was still in the infant stages.

To be continued…

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